Doesn't Money Matter In Politics Anymore?

I’m disappointed in the Republican candidates.

Here in Utah, the Republican candidate usually wins statewide races.  This year we have a United States Senate seat up for election and the two candidates for the Republican nomination are reporting a week before the primary that they have raised only $218,000 and $182,000 each.  That includes all money raised for the convention and testing the waters before the primary.

  Bridgewater Lee
Raised $182,000 $218,000
From Candidadte $392,000 $45,000
Total $574,000 $263,000*

* – Mike Lee’s reports have not been submitted and processed by the FEC, this data estimated based on old reports and SL Trib article

A US Senate seat is worth raising money for. When you’re so close to the Republican nomination it’s as easy as fund raising will ever get.  If you’re really qualified to manage a three trillion dollar budget, you know people who can send you a lot more money than this for such a good shot at the job. Bridgewater isn’t even trying very hard but throwing his own corporate welfare earnings into the campaign instead, which is a valid but unfortunate choice.

Polls seem to show Lee ahead so far in spite of Bridgewater’s money.

In November, you’ll have the choice of Sam Granato.  As a Democrat in Utah, he won’t find it as easy to raise money as the Republicans;  big donors prefer to give money only to the sure thing.  But he’ll work a lot harder for us.

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