Utah Stories

Friday I visited the credit union to update some signature cards.

The banker (what do I call a credit union banker?) asked me whom I intended to vote for for President of the United States this year. You shouldn’t offend your banker so it’s best not to discuss politics, but I can’t suppress my faith in democracy so I always just say what I believe. I told her I was looking forward to casting my ballot for Barack Obama.

“Good,” she replied. Leaning forward across her desk she lowered her voice, “I think that Hillary is a communist.”

We rode in the Bike Week ride with the mayor as we have in previous years. Lately we’ve brought the little ones along in bicycle trailers and Trail-A-Bikes. It slows us down a bit but Rocky and the police escort kept everyone together by holding open intersections through a light cycle and keeping a modest pace at the front.

The ride has changed with Ralph Becker at the helm, though. A well-known fitness buff, our new mayor left us in the dust. Pretty soon we were hanging off the tail end of the ride with our heavy and not so aerodynamic cargo of tots. The police escort was zipping up to the front to keep the mayor’s peloton corked. We’re going to have to start training now to keep up with Blueprint Man next year.

We biked down to the Living Treditions festival over the weekend to see art and crafts from around the world and to make fish kites with the little ones. The festival was fascinating as always, but a little more breeze would have been welcome for the kites and to cool us off.

While I was there I saw Erika George registering festival-goers to vote. Erika was elected last weekend to be an alternate delegate to the Democratic National Convention in Denver this Summer. This weekend she was out on the ground spending her weekend growing democracy.

I hope the rest of you delegates are taking the honor as seriously. I’d love to hear from you in the comments.

My rural Utah brother in law is putting together a pick up truck. He’s also colorblind. On a recent trip to the big city — Logan — he found a new tailgate for cheap. What he couldn’t tell is that it has a beautiful hand-painted gay pride flag painted across it.

Now my brother in law is straight and he was considering painting over the design once I told him about it. I suggested it would be simpler just to put his NRA sticker up on the camper shell and dare anyone to give him any guff.

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  1. Elizabeth Dehart says:

    Hey Brian! Liz Dehart here asking you to come join the discussion at the pickens plan website. We have a Utah chapter: http://push.pickensplan.com/group/pickensplanutahchapter/forum

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