Caucuses And Conventions

This weekend we Salt Lake County Democrats got together at the library (Democrats like books) and elected our new legislative district chairs.  It was a nice chance to see people from your neighborhood and across the valley.  Each hour on the hour one set of districts’ leaders left and another arrived.  In the middle there were a few minutes to talk with people from other parts of the county.

In two weeks, it will be even better.  The Salt Lake County Democratic Convention will convene on Saturday, the 12th of April 2008 at Jordan High School (go Beetdiggers!) at 9880 S 98 E.  Jordan High is across Sego Lily Drive from the Sandy TRAX stop.

Everyone is welcome.  Yes, everyone.  Not just delegates.  Show up at 8:00 AM for issue caucuses and talk about issues and candidates with informed, active citizens all morning.  It’ll be great.

In national news, Texas they held their county conventions yesterday.  It’s a part of the Texas two-step, a multi-level process where party leadership and national delegates are selected according to multiple interlocking systems.  As the Texas process goes on, the state party apparently doesn’t even try to keep track of whom delegates are pledged to and no one knows exactly how the results came out.

Molly Ivins would have loved to be here to explain all this to us.

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