Liveblogging The Fourth Seat Hearings II

The staff has handed out four proposed maps for the state.

  • Map A is the 2001 proposed four district map.
  • Map B
    1. District 1 is a smaller Top Of Utah
    2. District 2 is compacted into northern Salt Lake County with Summit, Daggett, and Morgan counties
    3. District 3 is Utah County with parts of the West Desert and West Jordan
    4. District 4 is southern Salt Lake (South Jordan to Sandy) plus rural Utah from Wasatch and Carbon down to San Juan and Utah’s Dixie
  • Map C is shifted from Map B so that district 3 takes Dixie and San Juan from district 4. The effect would be to protect LaVar or John Swallow from a primary challenge from Rep. Steve Urquhart or Rep. Clark. I’d note that the changes between maps B and C indicate that at least one of them has districts of unequal size even beyond what the committee agreed was appropriate.
  • Map D doesn’t have districts numbered but puts West Jordan in with Utah county, has a district like District 2 in Map B and puts Dixie and San Juan back in with southern Salt Lake.

I’ll put up copies of the maps later if the committee doesn’t post them on the legislature’s site.

Sen. Buttars (R-South Jordan) suggests that Speaker Pelosi (D-San Francisco) will ensure D.C. representation whether or not Utah gets a fourth seat. There’s some internal politics related to the 103rd Congress and floor procedure in the national legislature involved in this that I’ll explain later if anyone asks in the comments.

Now there is a recess until 10:00 am.

Update (2:00 pm): Three of the maps are up on the legislature’s web site. Check for the “Related Materials.”

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