Civicspace Changes Course

The Civicspace project, which powers most of the progressive community web communities areound the nation, has redefined itself.

The Civicspace project started as Deanspace, the community organizing platform created ad hoc by the Dean For America campaign (now Democracy For America with Utah affiliate Democracy For Utah).  Later it evolved into a giant organizing platform called CiviCRM that integrated with the Drupal site management platform.

Then Civicspace Labs shut down its site for about a month and revived just this month as an online service provider hosting Civicspace sites for a fee.  Since setting up and running complicated software is expensive and time consuming, the new approach could be a success.

And now Civicspace is no longer a single piece of software.  CiviCRM integrates now also with the Joomla site management software.

Webmasters, enjoy all the new choices.

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