Elected Delegates At The State Convention

So Far the district delegates:

Carlos Vasquez, Connie Neilson, Lisa Alcott, Ross Romero, Jordan Apollo Pazell, and Emily Rushton for Clinton.

Cathy Snyder, Scott McCoy, Kelvin Lynn Davis, Kurt Bestor, Theodore A Cowan Jr, C. Millicent Lewis, and Brian Spittler for Obama.

There are two more Obama delegates to announce from District 2 once the final votes are counted. Then those delegates vote for the three party leader or elected official delegates (2 Obama, 1 Clinton). Finally those delegates later tonight elect the unpledged add-on delegate. I was a bit worried how the unpledged delegate would turn out but rumor has it Chairman Wayne Holland will nominate only the Obama candidates for the position.

More to come with at-large delegates tomorrow.

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2 Responses to Elected Delegates At The State Convention

  1. brian says:

    Thanks, Todd.

  2. Todd says:

    The other two Obama delegates were Sen. Pat Jones and Josie Valdez. The unpledged add-on is Kristi Cumming who will support Sen. Obama. The party leader delegates went to Reps. Phil Riesen and Christine Johnson for Obama and former State Party Executive Director Blaze Wharton for Clinton.

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