What To Watch For At The Democratic Convention

The Salt Lake County Democratic Convention is tomorrow at 1:00 pm at Jordan High School.  There will be the usual business and speeches.  A new chair will be appointed, almost certainly Vice Chair Weston Clark.  A new vice chair to take his position will be appointed to take his place, if necessary.

The real excitement will take place in two parts.  The issue caucuses will convene at 1:30pm.  Candidates will visit them in turn, giving speeches and answering questions for small groups of people about the issues.

Then, after the activity in the big convention room, the district nominating caucuses will convene and several will be competitive.  House district 22 will see a new representative elected.  Incumbent Carl Duckworth is retiring but his wife is seeking the seat.  Progressive Democrat Greg Schulz, who almost forced a primary in this district against the incumbent last cycle, is running again.  And William Brandt Goble is also running.  Meanwhile the Republican candidate who almost beat Duckworth in 2006 has dropped out for family reasons.  This should be very interesting.

After that, Senate district 1 will be a race between incumbent Fred Fife and challenger Luz Robles.  This area has seen controversy and close primaries ever since the passing of the late great Pete Suazo.  I know both candidates would prefer to win at convention, but the area has a very disappointing trend of miserable Democratic primary turnout and we might benefit from another chance to turn it around.  Certainly, bringing out the Democrats will be necessary in November against the formidable Republican City Councilman Carlton Christensen.

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