Salt Lake County Democratic Convention

Lots of fun was had at the Salt Lake County Democratic convention.

Turnout was good. Lots of candidates for national delegate positions were working the halls to build up support. They’ll be chosen in two weeks. The women candidates for Obama delegate from District 2 are working especially hard. There are almost thirty candidates for just two spots in Denver. Other delegate spots are also seeing heavy competition.

We have a very strong slate in the south end of Salt Lake Valley this year persuading the reddest part of the county to elect better government. Jay Seegmiller, Trish Beck, Karen Morgan, Laura Black, Lisa Johnson, Roger Harding, and Dave Hogue along with others I’m sure I haven’t remembered make a strong ticket. I had the chance to talk to a few of them. If you’re in the south half of the valley, get out to meet and campaign with these folks.

I was disappointed I didn’t manage to meet Hogue. He’s a former legislator who switched parties without, according to his position paper I collected, changing many issue positions. It will be very interesting to see how the race and his subsequent service turns out.

The big excitement was in Senate District One where incumbent Senator Fred Fife was replaced on our ticket by Luz Robles. Luz is going to have to keep up the level of energy and motivation she has inspired among the delegates to keep the seat in Democratic hands. Fife won the seat in a close race against a tough Republican incumbent in 2004 and, although the district leans Democratic, it won’t be easy to hold.

She has drawn the toughest possible opponent she could face in November in Republican city councilman Carlton Christensen. Christensen represents one of the most Democratic neighborhoods in the district, one of the most Democratic neighborhoods anywhere in Utah. That means Christensen will already have a big piece of Robles’s base. I look forward to seeing her win the voters’ support.

Robles To Fife
Declaring unity after the vote, here is a snapshot of future senator Luz Robles, Senator Gene Davis, Senator Ross Romero, Angela Romero, and Senator Fred Fife. Fife is promising here to work with us to elect Robles.

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3 Responses to Salt Lake County Democratic Convention

  1. brian says:

    Obi wan,
    I found the same about Hogue. I’ll be posting about it eventually.

  2. Mark Towner says:

    Brian, My feelings were very similar. I’d be curious to know if you think my projections are accurate concerning the county council races…

    The Captain

  3. Just an aside, but Hogue was an especially reasonable Republican legislator, which means he was an abberation. I’m glad to see that he saw the light and turned Democratic.

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