DNCC Comes To Town

The DNCC came to Salt Lake City to make us feel involved in the nominating convention in Denver coming up in August.

Becker at DNCC

The event was at 11:00 AM on Friday but even so turnout was suspiciously packed with elected officials.  I counted two mayors and at least a dozen Utah Senators and Representatives along with three superdelegates sitting around the room.  Convention CEO Leah Daughtry came to town to make the presentation and I believe she’s a superdelegate, too, but not a Utahn so I’m not including her.  I wonder if all those officials are planning on running to be delegates to the convention.

Mayor Becker gave a wonderful speech about the evolution of progressive value in the western states and invited Denver conventioneers to come to Salt Lake to see a real mountain city, as long as they’re in the region.

A nice little event, but if the convention really wants to involve the people of the region, they need to run their meetings at an hour when people can come who aren’t just independent professionals, party functionaries, and elected officials.

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2 Responses to DNCC Comes To Town

  1. brian says:


    I’m glad they came at all, really. I liked the event myself. Mayor Becker especially always gives a good speech.

    But too many leaders and staff compared to volunteers and ambitious potential future leaders is a classic warning sign for organizers so I feel like I have to point it out.

  2. Nate says:


    Maybe it was the best they could do. I was glad to read about it in the paper, but I doubt I would have gone even if it had been held at more accommodating hour. I would expect that the room would be filled by those who are involved in politics on a daily basis.

    I’d bet that most everyone who wanted to be there found a way, just like you did. I wouldn’t assume that they didn’t really want people to know about the convention since the press was invited which gave this event an even bigger audience.

    Maybe you should consider being a bit less negative and focus on the positives in life.

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