Community Council Discusses Why Your Taxes Are About To Rise

I enjoyed another informative community council meeting tonight. If you’re in Salt Lake City or another city around Utah with community councils, you should go to your meetings, too. Salt Lake County has them in unincorporated areas, also.

My local council is Liberty-Wells and we did our usual business talking about grants, sidewalk repairs, neighborhood projects, emergency preparedness, law enforcement, and the like. Senator Scott McCoy (D-SLC) came, as he often does. We asked him about the school funding ‘equalization’ passed by the legislature that is going to cost Salt Lake Citizens $6 million this year and every year from now on — a permanent $50 annual tax increase on each home in the city.

Scott pointed to the Jordan split as the root cause why the suburbs managed to rob us for so much this year. Former councilman Dave Buhler once said it was like our neighbors getting a divorce and the judge ordering us to pay alimony to both of them.

There was one interesting point made by Senator McCoy at the meeting. Of the eleven senators representing Salt Lake County where the ‘equalization’ is happening SB 48 failed by 8-4. It was the rest of the Senate that absconded with our tax money (and not the the first time in the latest session, either). The Utah House saw a similar breakdown. This bill accounted for four of the partisan votes I cataloged earlier, and is typical of them.

Senators who represent Salt Lake County are in bold.


  • Bell
  • Eastman
  • Madsen
  • Van Tassell
  • Bramble
  • Greiner
  • Niederhauser
  • Walker
  • Buttars
  • Hickman
  • Peterson
  • Valentine
  • Christensen
  • Jenkins
  • Stephenson
  • Dayton
  • Knudson
  • Stowell


  • Davis
  • Goodfellow
  • McCoy
  • Dmitrich
  • Jones
  • Romero
  • Fife
  • Mayne
  • Waddoups


  • Hillyard
  • Killpack

Contact the Utah Senate or House.

Update: I missed highlighting Senator Carlene Walker last night in a fit of optimism.  Go Karen Morgan.

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