Community Council Meeting Tonight And Lurid Police Tale Of Drugs And Carjacking

I went to my Community Council meeting tonight.  If you’re in Salt Lake City or the unincorporated county, you should really attend your local meeting (times and places under “Chairs and Boundaries”).   I heard about new parks, emergency preparedness, what the city council is doing, neighborhood celebrations, and volunteer opportunities.  There was direct access to elected officials and city employees.  It was a good time with nice people and fun topics.

I did hear a disturbing story from the police department.  This morning there were several calls about a carjacking downtown in broad daylight.  Our local community representative cop was in the area and observant enough to catch sight of the car and follow it.  She called for backup and chased the car across the city.  Meanwhile reports were saying the perp had used an AK-47 rifle in the carjacking which he still had.  Six cops made a guns-drawn arrest and no one was hurt.  The carjackers had drugs with them but the guns turned out to be realistic looking BB guns.

The car was registered to a nonexistent person and the owner never called in.  What had happened is that a drug dealer had carjacked another drug dealer with a “throw away” car that couldn’t be traced.  The drugs had belonged to the original dealer and the carjacker wanted them.

But with no owner to press charges and the drugs impossible to link to the carjacker, the only charges that are likely to stand up in court are red light running during the chase.  At least twenty hours of police work and a downtown chase and these drug dealers are going to get a slap on the wrist.

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2 Responses to Community Council Meeting Tonight And Lurid Police Tale Of Drugs And Carjacking

  1. Andy E says:

    Hey man, you have to check out tonight. They are hosting the most interactive political event to date and anyone can be a part of it! I can’t believe that the Salt Lake City mayoral candidates are willing to actually go one on one with unedited voters!

  2. Pat says:

    I hope they’re stuck with the public defender.

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