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Reasons For Hope In The 2006 General Canvass

Salt Lake County Absentee votes get counted Monday and Tuesday. The unofficial election results we saw two weeks ago will change, as I explained last week. Let’s see what we can learn about early and absentee votes from a look … Continue reading

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Ongoing Congressional Elections

Four very important races in Utah are undecided, but nationally there are also two congressional elections continuing into December. Louisiana has long held open all-party primaries and then runoff elections a month later. Recently the primaries are held in November … Continue reading

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Friday Baby Birthday Blogging

Next weekend is Charlotte’s fifth birthday so today we take a look back at baby Charlotte on her two week birthday.

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Those Paper Ballots And The Recounts Of 2006

One answer to the mystery of why Utah Democrats didn’t have a wave election this year is that we did and just don’t know it. I disagree but proponents have four strong points, Representative Carl Duckworth (D-Magna) Representative Laura Black … Continue reading

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Poll Watching With The Pirates Of Parents For Choice

Earlier I told the story of the massive million dollar failure of Parents For Choice In Education to bankrupt Utah’s schools at the ballot box. Today we look at one aspect of the campaign. Poll Watching Every election day hundreds … Continue reading

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Potpourri — One Week After 2006

There are still four close races being counted in Salt Lake County. Results haven’t been released to the public but Republican and Democratic lawyers are watching ten thousand or more absentee, provisional, and paper ballot votes be counted. The deadline … Continue reading

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The Million-Dollar Failure Of PCE

Out of state corporations invested close to a million dollars to destroy public education in Utah’s 2006 legislative elections. The Background Utah has a lot of children. Utah government spends lots of money on corporate welfare instead of education. Therefore, … Continue reading

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More Leadership Elections

The Utah legislature held elections on Friday to pick leadership teams for the upcoming two years. The House Democrats elected the most progressive team you could possibly imagine, Leader Ralph Becker (D-Avenues) Whip Brad King (D-Price) Assistant Whip Carol Spackman … Continue reading

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Civicspace Changes Course

The Civicspace project, which powers most of the progressive community web communities areound the nation, has redefined itself. The Civicspace project started as Deanspace, the community organizing platform created ad hoc by the Dean For America campaign (now Democracy For … Continue reading

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Friday Baby Blogging And Rosalie's No Fun Day

Rosalie ran a fever today. I gave her some acetominophen and she perked up enough to chase around with big sister, but she asked to be put back to bed afterward. Here’s a picture of Rosalie in happier days. In … Continue reading

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