Liveblogging The Fourth Seat Hearings III

This is an ongoing liveblog of the speculative fourth seat drawing hearing. Earlier I posted a detailed new article (with charts!) about hopes for the final vote counting in Salt Lake now occuring just twenty-four blocks down State Street.

Public comment will be accepted at the 8:00 am meeting tommorrow and there will be meetings around the state. Tentative times,

  • Monday November 27: 9:00 am in Provo, 1:00 pm in Price, 5:00pm in St. George
  • Tuesday November 28th 9:00 am in Ogden, 1:00 pm in Park City, 5:00 pm in Salt Lake City

The hearing is adjourned.

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2 Responses to Liveblogging The Fourth Seat Hearings III

  1. brian says:

    You’re welcome, Senatesite! Which of the staff people are you?

    And thanks for keeping going. It’s a great Utah policy resource.

  2. Thanks for being here Brian!

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