Running For Mayor

No, not me. Though with the field as crowded as this, posting an article titled “Running For Mayor” could be considered a declaration.

I recently received a fund raising letter from my friend County Councilman Joe Hatch (D-SLC). I don’t like to send money to incumbents no matter how great they are but I do like to read what my allies are writing and Joe included a very hopeful and moving statement he made during the County Council’s debate over domestic partner benefits in 2005.

He also wrote this,

The major reason I choose to run again for the Council is because I believe my political skills are best suited as a legislator, rather than as an executive.

Which sounds like a declaration that he isn’t running for mayor of Salt Lake City. I haven’t confirmed it with Joe but this doesn’t leave much wiggle room.

That makes one citizen not running. About one hundred eighty thousand still eligible.

Sunday the Trib wrote about the race for mayor in 2007 and included a list of candidates.

Candidate Running?
Rocky III maybe When you threaten the city council that you might decide to run again if they won’t cooperate, it really sounds like you’re not going to.
Ralph Becker Refused to deny it when challenged at county convention Widely known as smart and progressive, could position himself to pick up Rocky supporters.
Dave Buhler maybe, has run before Once held senate seat as Republican, lost to Deedee
Carlton Christensen Maybe Conservative reputation won’t help in Salt Lake City.
Keith Christensen If Rocky doesn’t Known Republican with Rocky’s tentative endorsement
Joe Hatch apparently not
Randy Horiuchi maybe Always interesting with Randy in the mix
Eric Jergensen maybe Less likely to run after his close call reelection to the city council last year
Jill Remington Love maybe Quietly effective on the council, Jill hasn’t been showing the ambition and seeking this kind of publicity…yet.
Frank Pignanelli maybe, ran in ’03 Won 47% of the vote against Rocky and starts with the best name recognition, fund raising contacts, and campaign team on the list.
Nancy Saxton yes Nancy is known and respected in her neighborhoods but is most famous for butting heads with Rocky.
Jenny Wilson maybe Has a great name to run for mayor with. A big winner in ’04 and a popular voice on the County Council.
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